Potentials of grinding and shredding technologies in waste management

Client: Industry

Analysis of the waste market with regard to potential growth opportunities in the field of crushing technologies. Subdivision of the waste market into different segments, based for example on origin, material characteristics and quantities. Selection of sub-segments with high growth potential. Analysis of these segments, for example with regard to market size, current state of the art and competition. Discussion of the results with the customers, recommendations for action.


Study on base price and duration of price pressure in the thermal waste treatment (TAB) market in Germany

Client: Municipal infrastructure operator

Elaboration of short-term assumptions on the downward movement of gate fees in the market of thermal waste treatment in Germany. Estimation of the duration of the price decline as well as definition of possible price bases, among other things, on the basis of historical market price observations, current economic forecasts, the development of energy prices and possible increases in waste imports.


Market survey on the market for thermal waste treatment in south-west Germany

Client: municipal infrastructure operator

Competition inquiry in thermal waste treatment focused on residual waste treatment. Survey on competitors, existing contracts, treatment plants and contractual periods. 


Analysis of and strategy consulting on the anaerobic digestion of biowaste in North Germany

Client: disposal company

Analysis of current state of separate biowaste collection and biowaste amounts in 4 federal states, at level of administrative districts. Calculating the potential of possible biowaste amounts if mandatory separate collection was implemented, in different scenarios. Analysis of tendering periods, ongoing plans and competitive situation. Selection of appropriate sites and potential cooperation partners (at level of administrative districts) eligible for a biowaste AD project.


The waste treatment market in Slovenia

Client: industry

Analysis of the Slovenian waste treatment market, including amount of waste, structure of waste collection, waste processing, waste treatment and waste disposal. This also included a provider analysis as well as a competition analysis in the segments described, furthermore an evaluation of the legal framework for the installation of a waste treatment infrastructure, and what is more, an interpretation of planning on a national level as well as concerning selected municipalities. 


Due diligence operator of Waste-to-Energy plants 

Client: operator of municipal infrastructure

Due diligence for an operator of Waste-to-Energy plants in Europe. Analysis of market environment, development trends and competitive context including assessment of opportunities and risks. Analysis of IM, VDD as well as internal anticipation and contract data. Forecast of future revenues by 2033 based on different scenarios in terms of amounts, competition and prices within the framework of a superordinate model for calculating value. Attendance and moderation of negotiations.


Due diligence on energy-from-waste technology provider

Client: private equity

Due diligence on an industrial provider in the sector of thermal waste treatment on behalf of a potential buyer. Assessment of the market environment, competitive situation and internal planning data as well as critical evaluation of the offered technology compared to commercially available solutions.


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