Model-based analysis and forecast of long-term volume, capacity and price developments on the thermal waste treatment market in Germany

Client: Municipal infrastructure operator

Analysis of the market for thermal waste treatment in Germany. Updating of an existing forecast model. Evaluation of individual market factors, such as legal regulations or the development of imports. Quantification of these influences within the framework of two different scenarios. Estimation of quantities for thermal utilisation, available capacities and price development until 2040. Forecast of changed costs and revenues of operation, for example as a result of CO2 taxation, carbon capture and storage (CCS) or carbon capture and utilisation (CCU).


Volume and competition analysis plus price forecast in the market for thermal waste treatment in Austria 

Client: Waste infrastructure operator

Analysis of the market for thermal waste treatment in Austria. Investigation of volume development for different waste sections, survey of waste infrastructure, as well as identification and evaluation of market factors. Model generation including assessment of volumes for thermal treatment, capacities available, and indexed price development until 2050 in different scenarios (Low, Base, Top). Coordination with the client’s existing energy price scenarios.


Location analysis for biowaste fermentation in South-West Germany

Client: disposal company

Site-specific analysis of production and forecast of biowaste amounts at district level in a defined target region in South-West Germany against the background of an existing biowaste fermentation plant being sold. Examination of tendering periods, ongoing plans and competitor analysis in the region. Analysis of current and future disposal channels at the level of individual disposal areas. Collection of current prices for the regional treatment of biowaste. Calculation of possible acquisitions. 


Update of quantitative model for sewage sludge disposal in Germany

Client: finance company/municipal infrastructure operator

Update of the already existing quantitative model for sewage sludge disposal in order to review turnover planning and long-term chances of success for a sewage sluge mono-incineration project. Update of the forecasts after implementation of the amended sewage sludge ordinance (AbfKlärV), fertiliser ordinance (DüMV) and the fertilisation ordinance (DüV) in different scenarios.


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