Site-specific market survey on sewage sludge disposal in East Germany

Duration: June 2020 – July 2020

Client: disposal company

Analysis of quantities, market conditions and competition in the vicinity of a site located in East Germany. Examination of volume planning and long-term prospects of success for sewage sludge mono incineration projects. Calculation of potentials for possible sewage sludge quantities in the case of implementation of the sewage sludge regulation (AbfKlärV) in different scenarios.


Location analysis for biowaste fermentation in South-West Germany

Client: disposal company

Site-specific analysis of production and forecast of biowaste amounts at district level in a defined target region in South-West Germany against the background of an existing biowaste fermentation plant being sold. Examination of tendering periods, ongoing plans and competitor analysis in the region. Analysis of current and future disposal channels at the level of individual disposal areas. Collection of current prices for the regional treatment of biowaste. Calculation of possible acquisitions. 


Evaluation of the market for thermal waste recovery in Poland

Client: industry

Evaluation of the market for thermal waste recovery in Poland. Modelling and forecasting the quantity of future waste amounts and disposal capacities on the national level and in the client’s target region. Model based on the analysis of regional waste management plans and assessment of political and legal framework. Prognosis of gate fees.


Assistance on a Waste-to-Energy project in Argentina

Client: infrastructure operator, Argentina

Analysis of the worldwide market for municipal solid waste incineration plants, with reference to existing plants, capacities, technologies, costs and project development. Support of project development in Argentina. 


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