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Trend Study Lithium Battery Recycling

The recycling of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) is one of the most promising recycling markets for the future. Above all, the increasing number of electric cars in markets such as the EU, China, or North America will lead to a boom in the years to come; in the long term, the volume of LIB material that must be treated each year throughout the world will exceed 30 million tons.

With the boom of battery electric vehicles, new projects for the recycling of LIBs are announced every week. Market participants such as automobile and battery manufacturers, waste disposal companies, and start-ups have already begun their market positioning and to gain experience.

ecoprog has analysed the global plant market for LIB recycling plants to gain greater insight on the opportunities and the market development of LIB recycling. We have identified more than 200 plants and projects worldwide.

The Trend Study Lithium Battery Recycling includes:

  • A description of the essential technologies and functions of LIB recycling
  • An analysis of the most important market factors and trends in LIB recycling 
  • An outlook on the worldwide potential of this growth market
  • An analysis of the main competitors in this market worldwide and in regional submarkets
  • A list of more than 200 LIB recycling plants and projects worldwide, including capacity, input material, and commissioning (as far as known)
  • Furthermore, we have gathered data on around 70 plants and projects for recycling plants for other battery types
  • Free add-on: a monthly update on plants and projects for the next 12 months in the form of short news items as well as an MS Excel file
  • All plants and projects are included in the study. The complete data set can optionally be purchased as an MS Excel file.

The study is available in English and German language starting from 1,200.– € (plus VAT, if applicable). Customers of our w&b Monitor will receive a discount starting at 600.– €.


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