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Biomethane in Europe

With the attack of Russia on Ukraine and the disruptions in the European energy markets, energy independence has gained priority in many countries quickly. Biomethane as a direct, renewable replacement for natural gas has therefore increasingly moved into focus in Europe. According to the Biomethane Action Plan proposed by the European Commission, biomethane production in the EU shall increase by more than 10 times until 2030.

In the future, the biomethane development is especially driven by the demand in the heating and transport sectors, both sectors which are hard to decarbonise. With the latest amendment to the Renewable Energy Directive, the renewable energy targets in these sectors have been further tightened. Biomethane can play a vital role in reaching these targets.

However, as of the beginning of 2023, the level of biogas and biomethane exploitation in Europe varies considerably. The study gives an overview over the current state of biomethane production in Europe and which markets can be expected to have a dynamic development in the next years.

The study "Biomethane in Europe" includes:

  • The description of biogas production and upgrading technologies as well as gas infrastructure.
  • The description and analysis of more than 800 existing biomethane plants and nearly 500 projects.
  • An analysis of 12 of the most important biomethane markets at country level.
  • The costs and revenues of a biomethane plant compared to the costs of natural gas.
  • An analysis of the most important market factors and drivers for the future biomethane production development.
  • The description and analysis of major competitors in this market at the level of technology providers and operators/projectors.

In addition, you will get free access to waste & bio Data (Biogas module) for 12 months.
Our weekly updated online database contains more than 10,000 biogas and biomethane plants and projects worldwide, including Excel downloads of active plants and a biogas project tracker.

The study is available starting from 2,900.– € plus VAT. Customers of our w&b Monitor will receive a discount starting from 600.– €.


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