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Market Report Chemical Recycling 2024

Chemical recycling is a major hope for the future of plastics recycling, potentially offering the production of high quality recyclates, fighting downcycling and enabling the recycling of additional waste streams. The technology could be the key to complying to stricter rules in the circular economy such as the EU`s Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) recyclate quotas. Chemical recycling therefore has the potential to impact plastic production worldwide.

However, so far, the market environment for this technology remains unclear. Most countries lack dedicated regulations for chemical recycling; as a result, the overall recognition and recycling performance that can be considered are unknown. Within regulation discussions chemical recycling is often opposed due to its high energy demand and CO2 footprint.

Against this background, chemical firms, waste disposers and start-ups started to plan and construct chemical recycling facilities, offering different technologies for different kinds of plastics, waste streams and recycling products.

Based on its long-time monitoring of the global waste business and its expert network within waste management, ecoprog edited its 3rd annual survey on the dynamic chemical recycling business. 

The Market Report Chemical Recycling 2024 includes:

  • A description of the technologies and implementation of chemical recycling.
  • An analysis of key factors and trends in the global plastic production and recycling market with regard to chemical recycling.
  • A detailed analysis of single country markets.
  • An account of more than 150 chemical recycling plants and projects worldwide, including capacities, inputs and technologies (as far as known).
  • An outlook in terms of their market regions and an analysis of the key competitors in this market.

In addition to the report, you will get free access to waste & bio Data (Chemical recycling module) for 12 months. 
The database contains information on all plants and projects, including capacity, status, start of operation, technology, and more. This also includes a weekly updated project tracker.

The study is available in English language starting from 3,400.– € (plus VAT, if applicable). Customers of our w&b Monitor will receive a discount starting from 600.– €.


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