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Trend Study Photovoltaic Recycling

The recycling of solar panels is one of the most promising recycling markets of the future. This growth will be driven further in the coming years by the booming use of photovoltaics worldwide. As a result of the global PV boom, all currently available forecasts assume a sharp increase in waste volumes from 2030 and exponential growth in subsequent years. 

ecoprog has analysed the global plant market for PV recycling plants to gain greater insight on the opportunities and the market development. More than 120 plants and projects were identified worldwide.

The study sheds light on the technical aspects of PV recycling and also provides a current assessment of market factors, the state of development and competition. In an extensive data appendix, the study includes up-to-date information on the global plant inventory as well as on current projects in six world regions.

The Trend Study Photovoltaic Recycling includes:

  • A description of the essential technologies for the recycling of solar panels.
  • Data on more than 120 solar recycling plants and projects worldwide, including capacities, input material and commissioning (where known).
  • An analysis of the key market drivers for PV recycling.
  • An outlook on the global potential of this growth market.
  • A description of the most important competitors worldwide and in six regional markets.
  • All plants and projects are included in the study. The complete data set can optionally be purchased as an MS Excel file (please see sample data).

The study is available in English and German language starting from 1,200.(plus VAT, if applicable). With a subscription to our w&b Monitor you will receive a discount starting at 600.– €.


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